Wednesday, November 12, 2008

awaiting zuzu

Each year, the kids anxiously await the return of ZUZU the elf. Check into "the elf on the shelf" online or at Hallmark stores, I think. The kids have named him Zuzu (after the young girl in It's a Wonderful Life) and he returns on Thanksgiving each year. He watches them during the day and reports on their "naughty or nice" status each night to Santa. Then each day he returns from the North Pole and they have to find him  in his new spot. They have to be on their best behavior in order for Santa to get a good report (this part only lasts a few days, but we do use it to our advantage as often as possible). So they have begun anticipating Zuzu's return and have told me they miss him dearly. I kind of miss him also--It seems he really has become another member of our family. 
I hope I can FIND him. Tee Hee.

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