Monday, November 3, 2008

No pics today--been laying on the couch with my foot up. Seems as tho I've sprained my ankle. Went to the Dr. and no broken bones. He put in my history that the cause of the accident was "I fell off a barstool". Even though that is always highly possible, that's not exactly what happened. I was sitting at our kitchen bar (on a barstool) and turned around to go to the coffee pot. The toe of my rubber-soled slipper stuck on the floor while my foot continued going forward and over. Ouchie. Anyway, lots of swelling, but no major harm done. I am trying to suck all the sympathy I can out of it!


Anonymous said...

Come on, Linda - give us a picture of the 'owie'!! Seriously, I'm glad you didn't get 'broken' but a sprain sometimes takes longer to heal than a break! Now, for the good news - You'll have more incentive to sit on REAL barstools to nurse the pain!! :-)

Great BLOG!! I'm throughly impressed!! Annette Y.

globila said...

Now, if you were sitting at a bar on a bar stool, having a few, when you fell it may not have hurt....of course all that depends on how much one imbibes.

Seriously, sorry about the accident. Glad to know no permanent damage..but it's still a bummer.



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